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About Me

Q : Who am I ?
A : As far as it matters, I'm about 30 years old and french, I currently live in Japan. The rest is not really relevant to my work. I try to make images who speak for themselves, so please don't expect much blog-style talk here.

Q : What can you see here ?
A : My Photographic work from Japan mostly - over the last decade almost, plus a few images from other countries.

Q : How to contact me ?
A : Please mail me at the following address : website [AT] alaindavreux [DOT COM]. I'm open to commercial work request, and commercial use of my available work. I have many more images that the ones shown here so if you need some Japan material please do not hesitate.
Feedback and critics are also welcome.

Q : Will I make a book of my Japan pictures ?
A : Yes, I just take my time, because I want to deliver something strong, and because there is no hurry.
I can show here (concept here) the cover I have had in mind for a few years.
You can mail me at book[AT]alaindavreux[DOT]com if you want to get updated when released (don't expect an email soon, when I will tell you when it is ready ;) )
More info will come later, be patient and thank you very much for your interest.
My goal is to create a book I would be very happy with, and I have many more images in mind to make before going there. It will probably take more years, that is no problem for me.

Copyright Info

Q : How can you use my work ?
A : Only personnal, non-profit use at home, is authorized. In any case, do not remove the metadata, my copyright info and do not change the file name. If you're unsure about how to use my work, just ask me (use for education purposes for example should not be a problem).
I've put high resolution version because some people wanted wallpapers, and I try to keep watermarking to a minimum.
I get some images stolen and go after the tiefs, but I still thing the mass of honest people should not be penalized from the actions of few.
Please help me keep it that way !

Q : Can you put my work in another internet website ? Or on another media, or print it and display it in public ?
A : No.
But there are exceptions as per bellow. None of those including rehosting my images on sharing websites.
My thumbnails can be rehosted on your website, and must be displayed with my name and website adress.
Hotlinking of the smallest size images in blogs or forum is aceptable with my name and website adress if the blog/forum is not commercial and the thread is relevand to my work or to the subject, and not presented next to offensive content (adult, agressive etc).
Hotlinking or rehosting of the bigger images is not allowed.
This is important because it will help people identify my work and keep all my pictures in the same place, so I don't have to watermark them badly.
If unsure, just ask me, that's what emails are made for.

Q : Can you put your images in my tumblr/flickr/... about (insert 'japan' or 'geisha' or 'photo' etc) ?
A : No, as I already said - on top of the above reasons, note that when you upload my images into your accound, you claim those are your original work and give the hosting website unlimited rights to copy/modify/sell/license any of "your" images as they want (read the fine prints when you sign up !).
First, this is my work, not yours. Then, if they sell my work you uploaded, I'll take them to court, they will claim you are the culprit.
Another reason is that the image will get taken by somebody else etc until it is impossible to track down the origin (ie me), and people will think it is an orphan work that they can use and resell as they want. With time it's inevitable this situation will arise if rehost happens.
One more good reason is that people "reblog" my work (from your blog/tumblr/...) along with completely unrelated images because they do not understand the image or the context of my work; the end result is a lady at a festival being put next to naked ladies because the author has no idea of what a geisha means. That can be very offensive to the subject of my pictures, and they should be respected.
So don't do it, just link the images from my own website instead as described above. I will pay for the hosting from my own website, so you have absolutely no issue to follow my way, it's even simpler for you !

Q : Can you modify your images ?
A : No.
Just don't do it, thanks.

Q : Is commercial purpose or any use from commercial organisation possible ?
A : Yes, and you'll have to get authorization from me first.
Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm open to various projects and ideas. I have reasonable rates.
Please note that you will not find my work on cheap stock photo website as I do not support this system that hurts a lot the pros - making a good image requiers a lot and they should be allowed to live from it. Pay peanuts and you will get monkeys.
Please note that if you use my work without proper authorisation I will claim some compensation at made-on-order rate plus penalities, think about 1000 euro and plus per image - just do not steal my work.

Q : How to learn more about the meaning beyond the images ?
A : Check the links I put to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia project. Don't hesitate to follow the links, you'll learn a lot from them.

Photo Technique

Q : What camera/lens do I use ?
A : The camera does not make the image : eye does ! So do not focus too much on the technique or technology, try to master it in order to forget about it - your subject is more important, just learn about it. Good camera body and great glass help a lot nevertheless.

I now use a Canon 1Dx (used 1D4 and 1D3 before) and curently uses the following lens : 85mm f1.2 II, 200mm f2.0, 100mm f2.8 IS, 24mm f1.4 II, 16-35mm f2.8 II, 14mm 2.8, 24mm TS-E II.
That is about 10 kilos of gear plus bag to carry over during long shooting days, plus thousands euros, that is why good photography requiers some efforts - that is also why it has a cost and should be paid properly so photographer can live and work.

Many years ago I also used a 20D and used the following lenses : 70-200mm f2.8 IS, 50mm f1.4, sigma 18-50 f2.8, and sigma 70-200 f2.8.
If you're looking to buy photo gear, here is an advice : put more money on good lenses than on the body, it will help you a lot. Also, just buy a 50mm f1.8 or f1.4, they are great and cheap.
Nikon and Canon both have huge lens range so they are a good pick - one day you may updgrade your camera but you will keep the lens. Maybe you can choose the same brand as your friends so you can try and exchange lens !
But remember it's just a tool, photography is about having fun - enjoy your shooting and share your images !

Q : Why do I use the 16/9 ratio ?
A : I do not have 16/9 lines in my viewfinder, I just compose my picture for this format.
It's somethimes difficult with some subjects, but it helps me produce stronger images, it just feels more natural to my eye.
People who shoot square seem to never get the question if it's difficult to compose a square in a 24x36 viewfinder, and I get it a lot. Truth is they are both the same, you just get used to it !

Q : How much do I post process my images ?
A : As little as possible ! I shoot RAW with Neutral settings (no sharpen/contrast/saturation) and hardly do any work during postprocessing.
I use Faststone to sort my files and open them in Adobe Camera Raw.
I ajust white balance in some cases, sometimes add a little contrast and sharpen if needed. That's all. I really don't like to modify my images more.
If it's not good enough straight out of the camera, I have to try again.
I do not like at all software to modify images, it feels both cheating and artifical, so if I miss I will just try again later - sometimes years later (anyway I have no pressure).
The most important is to get a good light, like natural light with clouds, the afternoon end and early morning are best to my taste.

Q : How did I learn ?
A : Just some time and effort. Internet helped a lot, and digital camera too. Technique and camera use from dedicated websites.
Other art forms such as sculpture, drawing or architecture because beauty is a human gift. My own eye from seeing photo that people share and lots of experimentation.

(c) Alain Davreux